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Kalakriti Art Gallery presents Souls of Wide Walls on view from 22nd July to 31st August, 2017

Watercolour is historically the world’s oldest painting medium. Yet, it remains one of the most vital and popular forms of expression both for artists and the viewing public. ‘Souls of wide walls’ brings together the best master pieces by three generation Bengal artists. this exhibition provides the rare opportunity to see the works of some of the world’s most eminent watercolourists and the broad range of skills necessary for mastery of the medium.

Art often grows based on personal experiences and therefore the title ‘Souls of wide walls’ was chosen as a way of looking at individual proclivities through the creative expression of these five maestros. The exhibition showcase the recent and glimps of past works, which reflect years of hard work and efforts. Different styles, medium but, their passion for art is what united them under one roof today.

Experience best of works of five artists – Jogen Chowdhury, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Paresh Maity, Samir Mondal and Avijit Dutta. Who left behind an indelible stamp of individuality on the art practice, and create a bold, new language. Jogen Chowdhury known for his ability to successfully marry traditional imagery with the zeitgeist of contemporary painting, in a skillful blend of an urbane self-awareness and a highly localized Bengali influence. His early works show an attention to figuration that carries through in his current pieces.

Sanjay Bhattacharya’s involvement with the streets of Calcutta comes through on his artworks. And convey a story in themselves whereas, some of his works are most endearing and refreshing works on God’s Own Country. As Artist says – watercolours created in the flat mould with sinuous lines and curves are more for fun, to let his creative juices flow, an attempt at a serious amalgam of words and lines in art.

Paresh Maity, in his visual travelogue that is as much about self-discovery as storytelling, the artist unveils the viewer with the opportunity to be led into a new invigorating experience of landscapes, essentially a representation of space that radically extends the possibilities of an aesthetic experience.

Samir Mondal watercolours bring alive faces, landscapes, flowers, butterflies, animals – images that will haunt you, not for their apparent beauty but by their secret power. Starting his journey with painting classical landscapes, which have his special twist, Samir went on to create contemporary, conceptual art. His complete mastery over his medium, the way he makes the watercolours move and sway at his touch, the flow and confluence of colours, is the true sign of his genius. Samir is now part of the global watercolour art movement his works are part of international art books and magazines.

Avijit Dutta life and art have always been intertwined and existed as a single entity. His curiosity to know the past lives of people and their lifestyle has always been profound which gets reflected in my paintings repeatedly. Artist had tried to bring forward all the existing taboos and experiences of the long-lost lives of people which are somewhat intertwined with my present life. Since it’s a collection of his journey with these past life stories and its associated taboos hence it is titled ‘My Private Museum’.

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