Yusuf Arakkal- the noted painter from Kerala

Yusuf Arakkal was a Malayali painter based in Bangalore, India. He was born in 1945 at Chavakkad, Kerala. He passed away on October 4th, 2016 at Bangalore. His mother belonged to the royal family of Arakkal, the only Muslim royal family to have ruled Kerala and his father to Keyees, the well known business family […]

Circle and it’s importance in Visual Arts

Circle as a basic shape has always enchanted the human mind. Many mathematicians and philosophers considered it the most perfect of all geometric shapes, while theologians felt it supernatural or divine. For the artist the mysterious circle was always a thing of beauty and a joy forever. For them the mystery element combined with the […]

The elements of art and their importance

The elements of art are sort of like atoms in that both serve as building blocks. You know that atoms combine and form other things. Sometimes they will casually make a simple molecule, as when hydrogen and oxygen form water. If hydrogen and oxygen take a more aggressive career path and bring carbon along as […]

Top points to remember while conducting an art exhibition

Whether you are a professional artist or an amateur setting up an art exhibition can be a creative, fulfilling endeavour in and of itself. However, it does have its challenges and you’ll need good planning to pull it off. And here we are listing the main points to remember before you conduct an art exhibition. […]

Indian aesthetics

Indian aesthetics is a unique philosophical and spiritual point of view on art, architecture and literature. In Indian aesthetics, a rasa (Sanskrit: रस lit. ‘juice’ or ‘essence’) denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads […]

We are India’s first exclusive tech-media platform, dedicated to artists.

We help communities, although we have many different kinds clients they all have one thing in common: they want to build better communities through the arts. Perhaps it’s a City looking to revitalize its downtown. Or an arts organization that has outgrown its home. Or a building owner looking for ways to support the arts […]

Welcome to OpenArt!

We are passionate about and focused on the cultural arts. In an overall perspec­tive, art has an impor­tant role in social development. Art gives thoughts, stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit, builds sustainability and encourages consideration. At OpenArt, we create a platform outside the traditional norms, here, the ambition is high and ideas are bold!