Art One at Avani – an art exhibition

Art One at Avani is an art exhibition that brings together the work of forty of the most recognized and promising artists from across the country. The exhibition being organized by Avani Art Initiative is its first annual art exhibition. The Avani Art Initiative is a non-profit organization formed to foster art and culture, locally […]

Inevitable Scratches – Paintings and Sculpture Art Exhibition

on 2016 October 29th to November 3rd. at Kerala Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Calicut Artists: Aji Adoor, Nenoy P J, Joshy P C, Manoj Kannan, Rollie Mukerjie, Ramdas Tholil, Sajuayyampilly, Salim A K, Satheesh K. Moonillam, Tholil Suresh

Meet My Imperfections: Art exhibition by Cipin Angel at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Calicut

on October 28th to November 1st 2016. “…Everyone has a self portrait of life. When anything and everything under the sky appears to be a sequel of desire, lust and love. I say, I’m born. And when I’m born. I create. It was an illusion of wild desire, extreme lust, everlasting love, and altogether an […]

Photo exhibition by Britton at Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery, Calicut

Descriptions and attributes are limited when words themselves are limited; but we’re not. When I reflect you, you me and us the whole nature there is a heart between. Light will shed more realization; till then what we think it is, that is not it. Explore. Reflect. Express. It is what you perceive. It is […]

#Nila – painting exhibition of a seven year old artist

Nila started painting at the age of 3 and conducted her debut exhibition at Kerala Lalithakala Academy Durbar hall Art Center, Kochi at the age of 6. Sixteen different works created on art paper with acrylic and water colour earned her space in art lover’s heart. Now after one year, Nila Stacy Jones exhibits a […]