Palette Art Gallery’s ‘Everything is Black & White’ opened to public on 4th May

This show showcases that you don’t need color to be striking, and these black and white paintings prove that. This show is a radical new look at what happens when artists cast aside the color spectrum and focus on the visual power of black, white, and everything in between. Black and white or monochrome painting […]

“I WONDER” a solo show of works by Rajesh Ram at Palette Art Gallery until Feb 15th 2018

“I wonder” is Rajesh Ram’s fifth solo, after a gap of nine years. Comprising Ram’s most recent body of watercolour drawings and life-size bronze sculptures, the exhibition resumes the artist’s interest in storytelling, capsuled in idioms and proverbs that tell of a time of childhood innocence and curiosity. Informed by the tales of the Panchatantra […]

Palette Art Gallery presents a solo show of Binoy Varghese ‘Let a 100 Flowers Bloom’

Palette Art Gallery presents a solo show of Binoy Varghese who is known for photo realist compositions that combine human faces and natural flora and lush tropical trees and plants. This show entitled ‘Let a 100 flowers bloom’ titled after a famous Chinese proverb is a suite of 16 canvasses that celebrate the ethos of […]

Palette Art Gallery re-opens with a group show ‘Long Story Short’

Palette Art Gallery re-opens with Long Story Short, a cross-generational group exhibition that explores narrative painting and varied patterns of visual storytelling, exemplified in the work of both Modernist and contemporary artists. Established in 2001 by designers Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, the gallery is an extension of their long dalliance with art collecting, into […]