“Krishiv” is a group art show organized and conceptualized by Chandni Gulati. The show is at the Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi from the 2nd to the 8th of June 2017. The idea behind this art show is to create opportunity for all the young artists and art lovers who want to bring their work in front of the world and make a name in the Art market. Chandni believes that every new idea, technique and vision portrayed through art should be brought out to the world and appreciated. The group of artists are from different states and have their own unique styles of portrayal through art, be it photography, painting or sculptures.

  • Komal Vaswani – New Delhi – Artist
  • Manjari dwivedi – New Delhi – Artist & Photographer
  • Aarti Ahuja – New Delhi – Artist
  • Udita Yadav Jain – New Delhi – Artist & Graphic Designer
  • Tripti Rohatgi – New Delhi – Artist
  • Dr Ashwini Dash – Indore – Artist
  • Santosh Goriwale – Mumbai – Artist
  • Rajnandani Mahapatra – Odissa -Artist
  • Taranjeet Singh – New Delhi – Photographer
  • Nilanjan Chakravarty – New Delhi – artist
  • Jyoti Savoor – New Delhi – Sculptor
  • Sreedharan A – New Delhi – Artist
  • Arun Srinivasan – New Delhi – Artist & Graphic Designer
  • Ansh Malik – New Delhi – Artist
  • Sanjay Sovan Maiti – Artist
  • Omprakash Sah Kanu – New Delhi – Artist
  • Dikshika Pradhan – New Delhi – Artist
  • Rashmi Khawaskar – Mumbai – Artist
  • Dr Manju Subberwal – New Delhi – Artist
  • Niraj – New Delhi – Sculptor
  • Jyoti Bansal – New Delhi – Artist
  • Sahil Raj – New Delhi – Artist
  • Indra Singh – New Delhi – Artist
  • Zareen Taj Hidhayath – Chennai – Artist
  • Radhieka Mittal – New Delhi – Artist
  • Vandana Kashyap – New Delhi – Artist

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